How to Build Wealth In Real Estate with a Low Amount of Equity

Thursday Feb 13th, 2020






How to Build Wealth in Real Estate With a Low Amount of Equity:

The problem:

Many don't have the equity for a purchase in Toronto due to high prices.


The solution:

Buy outside of the city and build up equity in an area that is growing fast and buy a property that you can rent and earn money on now and in the future. You can earn profit now from rental income and then sell later for a profit. Right now I have a partner who has a property coming up just like this in Alliston just north of Toronto. This property has two separate apartments in it. For 450 K you can have a property that brings in around $3000 a month in rental income. Then in a couple of years, you could sell that property most likely for over $550 k and you will have close to another $100 k to put down on a house on two houses. Then keep repeating. Or you could then afford to buy in Toronto. If you don't have equity to buy at 450 k in Alliston yourself perhaps you have a relative to go in together with you. Anyone interested let me know.


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