Update On Housing Market for 2020

Thursday Feb 06th, 2020


Update On Housing  Market for 2020

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The bottom line is that new listings will not keep up with sales growth in 2020. The end result will be an acceleration in price growth over the next year, as an increasing number of home buyers compete for a pool of listings that could be the same size or smaller than in 2019. Price Outlook Market conditions tightened throughout 2019 and continued to do so in January 2020 as well. With little to no relief forecast on the listings front over the next year and demand expected to increase, it is difficult to forecast anything but further increases to average home prices for all major home types in 2020. The point forecast for the overall average selling price in 2020 is $900,000, close to a 10 per cent increase compared to the average of $819,319 reported for 2019. 


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